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Encounters: Mr Bird, Fortune Teller

In many cities, hanging around under flyovers or train tracks after dark with expensive camera gear would be inadvisable at best. In Bangkok, it’s where a lot of the magic happens, as during the rainy season in particular such places are a popular hangout for food stalls, hawkers, chess players, drinking parties, and various other […]

How to Avoid Taking Boring Street Portraits

I recently joined a street portraits group on Facebook, and without wanting to be overly critical of other photographers’ work, I’ve found a good 90% of the images posted extremely boring and unimaginative (when they actually hit the brief, which is rare). Pictures taken on long lenses with no engagement with the subject; the camera […]

8 Tips for Better Asian Market Photography

Asian markets have long been a popular draw for photographers, particularly street & travel photographers. It’s easy to see why – they’re a riot of colour, shape, and activity, full of people who are too busy working to worry about that weirdo pointing a camera at them. And yet a lot of the market photography […]


Railway Cuttings – The Hairdressers of Hualamphong

Bangkok’s Hualamphong Station is a veritable mecca for photographers, with its combination of historic architecture, beautiful light that changes by the hour, and colourful crowds of people coming & going. On my last visit I saw a row of men sitting in chairs getting haircuts behind platform 12, took a few photos, and assumed it […]