I minted my first NFT collection in September 2021, since when my work has been purchased by numerous collectors including the legendary Whaleshark! I’m also a Whale Curated Artist, an Obscura DAO grantee, and a founding member of Thailand NFT collective Pineapple Eyes.

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Home to over 100,000, and a no-go area for many more others, Khlongtoey (aka Khlong Toey, Khlong Toei) is one of the last remaining parts of ‘Old Bangkok’ within the central business district. There has been a port here since the late 1930s, and people from all over Thailand – and beyond – have flocked here ever since to live and work, many of them living in tiny shacks within easy reach of the port and market. Known locally as the “slums” of Bangkok, though that is a rather unfair description in many respects.

“Many photographers have covered this colourful neighbourhood before, but Russell’s scenes & portraits capture a character & soul that other shooters have rarely achieved” – Joe Cummings (CNN, Lonely Planet, Daily Telegraph, Travel+Leisure)

There are many charities active in the area, and I am proud to support Duang Prateep Foundation which supports the community with food, healthcare and education, by donating 10% of all profits from this collection to support their work.


“Hualamphong is one of the most carefully maintained buildings in Bangkok. A neat cool structure, with the shape and Ionic columns of a memorial gym at a wealthy American college, it was put up in 1916 by the Western-oriented King Rama V. The station is orderly and uncluttered, and, like the railway, it is run efficiently by men in khaki uniforms who are as fastidious as scoutmasters competing for good-conduct badges.” – Paul Theroux, The Great Railway Bazaar (1975)

Sadly, after over 100 years of service to locals and tourists, Hualamphong is slated for closure in late 2021, replaced by a state of the art but out-of-town facility at Bang Sue. Time, then, for me to look back on over 6 years of photography at this legendary station, a mecca for Thai travellers, foreign visitors and photographers alike – “a grand historic portal for rail adventures” as Mark Smith (aka The Man in Seat 61) so wonderfully puts it.


Bangkok’s full name – too long to include here – means ‘City of Angels’, and this collection of black & white street portraits from Thailand’s capital features some of those very angels, even though not all of them might look so angelic. These are the people who make living – and photographing – in the city such a delight.

All pictures are typical of my street portrait approach, ie get close and engage, and are available in editions of 10.


In early 2022 I was honoured to be curated onto exclusive, invitation-only NFT platform Makers Place by the Whale Artist Collective! So far I have minted two pieces on the platform with more to come.