GALLERY: 72 Hours in Jaipur

After Delhi, even a hot, dusty city of over 4 million people feels like a relaxing break. Jaipur was much more compact, easy to navigate (the old city is built on a grid system), and, staying as we were in a charming old heritage hotel, a lot more comfortable.

Our visit coincided with some pre-Holi celebrations, to which we were warmly welcomed, our faces painted, our necks garlanded with flowers, and the locals eager to get me to join in the dancing. Elsewhere, Amber Fort, which its stunning colours and light, turned out to be a photographer’s playground, as did its amazing stairwell.

The locals were some of the friendliest people I’ve met anywhere in the world, the tuk-tuk drivers were all insane but fun, and the local craft beer excellent. I’d probably take a lot of persuading to spend another 72 hours in Delhi, but would go back to Jaipur in a heartbeat.