GALLERY: Thai Band Hope the Flowers in Rehearsal

Back in those distant days when gigs were still happening here in Bangkok (March), I went to a one-night mini-festival featuring several Thai indie bands. Hit of the night for me were a band called Hope the Flowers, whose Mogwai-influenced post-rock/shoegaze sound had me swooning from the first song, since when I’ve been playing their Sonorous Faith Pt1 album (see below) on a regular basis.

A few days ago I saw on their Facebook page that they were going to be rehearsing their new album this week, so I dropped them a message to ask if I could come along & take photos. They happily obliged, so last night I headed down to Brownstone with my gear and spend a couple of hours in their rehearsal room photographing them & getting in their way. If what I heard last night is any indication, that next album is going to be an absolute corker, and it was a real pleasure to spend the evening taking photos, drinking beer and hanging out with a lovely, talented bunch of people.